What's New...? Our Website !

  • Here's where we keep you informed about us and our services in real time, 24/7.  You now have a way to contact us at any time, at YOUR convenience!
  • You can be assured your message gets to us!
  •     We look forward to welcoming you to our new home. Now we are able to     provide you with up-to-date information online!
  •     Check out our gallery and see just a few of the projects we have  completed.
  •     We are also working on producing several information videos to help you understand the right and the WRONG ways to have repairs done! We are very excited about these videos because they will help you make an informative decision about your restoration needs as well as help distinguish us from some of the "slop artists" out there you may have come across.
  •    Also check out our allternative to new masonry... VERTICAL CONCRETE!  Check out the videos in that section and see if thats something that peaks your interest!